Refer a friend - get $20!

Recommend Xoom to a friend. If their first transfer is $400 or more (transaction fee excluded), you'll both get a $20 Amazon eGift card.

<h1><h1>Refer a friend - get $20!</h1></h1>

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Refer a Friend?

Inviting friends to try Xoom is rewarding and easy.

  1. Just enter your and your friend's email address and click "Send Email" (or refer through Facebook)
  2. Your friend will get a unique link.
  3. They follow that link to sign up and quickly send money with Xoom.

If their first transfer is $400 or more (excluding the transaction fee), you'll both get a $20 Amazon eGift card.

Does my friend need to send a certain amount for us to qualify?

Yes. Their first transfer must be $400 or more (transaction fee excluded).

Will my friend and I get a gift card with each transaction?

Gift cards will only be awarded with your friend's first transfer. The first transfer must be $400 or more (transaction fee excluded). You can, however, invite as many people as you like. Friends, family, coworkers — all are welcome!

How many people can I refer?

As many as you want!

You'll get a $20 Amazon eGift card for each person who uses your link to send at least $400 (excluding the transaction fee) on the first transfer.

See our terms and conditions for more details.

Can I refer myself?

No, you can only refer friends, family, and coworkers who are new to Xoom.

How can my friend and I ensure we get our reward?

For both of you to get your reward, your friend must click on the unique link andsend their first transfer. The transaction must be at least $400 (transaction fee excluded).

Plus, it's also smart for them to:

  • Keep cookies enabled during the transaction
  • Keep our website open while the transaction is in progress
  • Finish the transaction before navigating away

How long will it take to receive my reward?

Typically, you'll get your gift card 1 business day after your friend's first successful transaction.

What are the rewards?

A $20 Amazon eGift card. You and your referred friend will each get an email with a claim code and instructions to redeem.

How will I receive my reward?

You'll get an email from with the subject line: "Xoom Refer a Friend Reward."

If you're expecting your reward but don't see it, check your spam or junk folder.

How can I check on my referrals and rewards?

Simply click the "Email My Stats" link at the top of this page.

You'll get an email detailing whom you've sent to and the number of rewards you've earned.

Please note: "Clicks" mean that a friend has clicked your link, but hasn't sent yet. "Clicks" aren't earned rewards.

I haven't received my gift card! Who do I contact about this?

We're always happy to help. But before you call us, please:

  • Confirm with your friend that they successfully sent money more than 1 business day ago
  • Look for an email with the subject line: “Xoom Refer a Friend Reward”
  • Check the correct email inbox
  • Search your junk/spam folder

If you still can't find your reward, e-mail us at or call us anytime.